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Minimaks LTD is established in 2002 for manufacturing, wholesaling and distribution of all metal clothing accessories together with their application machinery,dies,punches and spare parts. We are very much aware of failed press fastener attachments represent a danger to the consumer and cause potential loss of profits to the garment manufacturers. Our main target is keeping the most quality standart metal accessories of well known companies in our stocks together with our trustworthy production and serve them to the garment manufacturers by providing application engineering for fast and reliable also consistent production.
We also support the vendore by preparing mock-up & data sheets for press fasteners in every stage of their production and proper pinch setting of their machinery to keep better control. we would very much like to state that,we are certificated OEKO-TEX Standart 100 (class 1) by CENTEXBEL to prove our service & delivery quality in accordance with the requirements of fast fashion garment exporters.
We would also like to inform you that Morito Europe B.V. has selected & granted us as their data forming partner for their ‘’ring prong press fasteners’’ in response to the international brand companies who give approval to Morito products such as GAP,H&M,C&A,etc.
We are at your disposal with any of the further services we could supply.

Best regards,
Hakan KOSAR.,

Note: Please check the Technical support system & safety attachments to consider our service.


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