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Our technical support system starts when the vendore receives an order from the liaison office of any international brand.

At the begining we send a mock-up request form to be filled up by the vendore concerning information about producerís name,location,contact person,name of international brand,liaison office details,department,p/o no.,style no.,fabric type,and the desired metal accessory they want to attach on the garment.
We ask for three sample garments of the desired production from the vendore and check the suitability of the metal accessory wished to be attached on the garment.Our application engineering consists of identifying all the fastener locations on the garment first then checks any constructive failures such as false fastener locations on the stich lines, unstable application surface,uneven fabric thickness.
After correcting the constructive failures of the fastener locations,we choose the right fastener and locate them in the most suitable and wished positions on the garment.Then we check the compressed fabric tickness by our special torque micrometer developed for the dimensional value of the garment when subjected to the compressing force of the choosen fastener.According to technical evaluation,we qualify the garment and prepare three copies of mock-up sheet attached to the garment samples in order to report our critics to the liaison office for the accessory approval purpose.Those three samples are to be kept,one in our laboratuary,one in the vendore company and one in the liaison office in order to check the consistency of further production as approved.

Our technical service continues while the pre-production of the vendore and we send a data sheet request form to be informed about the locations of the bulk production.After receiving the production locations information,our technicians visit all locations to qualify the vendoreís machinery,application dies and personnel.The technicians train the personnel who attach the choosen fasteners and adjust the proper pinch setting of their machinery.The fastener attachments are controlled periodicaly and reported by data sheet forms at all locations in order to check their convenience according to the approved mock-up sheet.

    Periodical visits to the locations continues until the bulk is delivered to provide certain attachment consistency.
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